So how did it all begin? How did I get so obsessed with comics? It started with a trip to a city.

Not an interesting start really? To be honest, I didn’t think it would be that interesting either. Comic book free. Also, it would have been wonder free. Living in a small town can be dull.

So what did the 17-year-old youths do on a Saturday? Take the train to somewhere else. Somewhere where they don’t usually just wander around and eat fast food.

We decided to be fancy this time, we would go in the opposite direction of our two destination train station and go the one further away, despite the extra cost.

It was just another way to kill a Saturday. Wondering around the retail war zone you usually encounter on a Saturday afternoon. Being boys, of course, we decided to wander further up a steep incline. The natural enemy of the Saturday afternoon browser, for that, requires too much effort.

Upon this steep incline, we stopped in front of an old shopping centre, not a huge bustling metropolis that everyone uses. The one which is small, quiet and maybe a little run down. Though it has enough charm to catch one’s eye if they slow down.

It was then I saw it. That one glance changed everything. Of course, I was into comics and all things geeky at this point, but comics were hard to come by from a small town and all surroundings selling them in limited stock.

A comic book store, small and right down at the bottom, but one indeed. Nestled away with obscure signage.

A whole hour I just spent browsing, just flicking through the various over packed boxes of back issues. American imports, for the US and shipped to the UK, I’d never seen them before.

Only 2 hours after leaving. I had to go back. Not to spend, but to browse. For years, the worlds of comics had been separated by a computer screen and now my other senses were being satisfied.

That’s when I really did get into comic book reading. Also, I found a great city to study for my degree.

Why am I telling you this? I recently found out that little shopping centre has been closed down. The shop? Well, I’m not too sure what happened. Just a little memory has been erased.

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