So apparently the cool-named Asa Butterfield  may be the new Spider-Man. OK, let’s see what goes down then. Today let’s talk about the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

OK, I’ll admit the reboot did have its troubles. Mostly because it’s a desperate corporate reboot to make more money and keep hold a licence. The actual problem with the film was the dark and gritty tone and borrowing a little too much from Batman Begins. It was also painfully obvious how much the high-ups in Sony kept meddling like Marge Simpson with the actual production. With constant re-writes and re-shoots, each scene felt so disconnected.

The teen angle was a smart idea because let’s remember everyone, Spider-man was aimed at teens and he’s mostly popular because he’s a perfect fantasy aspiration for teenagers. Smart, super-powered, desired by girls and secretly smug about it too. So what killed a promising if not flawed reboot? The second one. A convoluted over-excited mess just telling you that it’s fixed all the problems with the first one.

Not enough like the comics? OK look at his new suit and improved mis-en scene, looking more like a comic book.

Hated the parents and mugger stuff? That’s gone totally.

Want it to feel like a big universe? Lots of universe building: Venom, Black Cat, Sinister Six, Ultimatum and Spider-Slayers.

What could have fixed it? Letting the team do what they wanted with the project in the first place. I’m just really curious to see what they had planned. Could Marc Webb and co. take an early draft and make it into a comic like Frank Miller did with Robocop 3 (the one no one liked)? Sometimes the studio just meddles and it massively affects the end product. I mean come on, it looks like the whole skater thing was supposed to be a big thing. Though it’s not clear with all the huge and glaring last minute changes.

So yeah. Let’s wait a couple of years and see if Marvel give Marc Webb a call and let him tell the Spider-Man story he really wanted to tell us all.

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