So what is DC’s Convergence? Why have DC stopped publishing their regular books? Does this mean another reboot? Another Batman origin story?

No. Thank goodness. Another reboot would be almost as stupid as bringing back Batman and The Joker after so little time after that Nolan trilogy. Oh, wait. That’s happening. Never mind.

So Convergence is basically this: all of DC’s parallel worlds come together on one plane; a bad guy has taken a city out of each reality and wants them to fight each other. So you have places like the Western DC universe, where everyone is a cowboy; the previous rebooted universes, like the mid 90s one, etc. and they’ve all come together under a dome trapped for a year without their powers working. You have the main series and a group of two-part miniseries on the side following the regular universe’s rebooted continuities, against a radically different universe. So old school Wonder Woman vs. Vampire Joker. (Personally I’m not reading the main series and will just wait for a trade. Money wise it just works that much better).

Without their powers working and being cut off from everything else, it’s a great jumping-on point for people who aren’t familiar with that brand of comics. Does it work? Well, even with a short two-part series, some books are still suffering from a 1st issue syndrome. For example, imagine going to a restaurant which has had great reviews about a certain meal and ordering a starter of something like a soup and bread. Imagine the soup is thin and bland and the bread is amazing: just right and great preparation for your meal. That sums up most of the Convergence miniseries issue 1s: a little bit of something good to lure you in for more.

At the end of each book there is an info-graphic which tries to explain the history of this specific universe – however, these are very hard to read and lack a logical design, in order to get all the facts straight and clear.

Maybe the issue 2s will be great. One could hope.

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