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The Carphone Warehouse is going into the phone network biz and becoming a virtual mobile network operator (VMNO) offering some pretty valuable plans

The Carphone Warehouse the UK’s biggest phone store is heading into the world of mobile networks with the launch of it’s iD Mobile Network which offers a range of plans suited to any customer. The company is set to become a virtual mobile network operator (VMNO) which means it’ll be piggybacking off of phone signals from another one of the UK’s mobile network provider, Three. Unlike Three, The Carphone Warehouse is offering plans with pretty good value for money.

iD Mobile as it’s called will initially offer four plans, Shockproof, TakeAway, Go To, and SIM Only. The Shockproof plan starts from as little as £7.50 per month and offers customers a chance to no longer be shocked by expensive bills. The way iD Mobile will achieve that is by allowing users to cap their usage automatically, while offering a customisable “buffer” for those who need some additional data.

The TakeAway plan is aimed at those who travel. Starting at £25.50 per month, the plan allows customers free roaming in 22 countries, more than Three’s ‘Feel at Home’ initiative. For those who use a lot of data but barely leave the UK, iD Mobile is also offering a To Go plan, starting at £13.50 per month, with a twelve month contract, or £11.50 per month with a 24 month contract. All of the plans will also come with 4G as standard but Carphone Warehouse has yet revealed exactly how much data will be offered in the plans.

The SIM Only plans are the more affordable of the bunch at just £7.50 per month for £5 per month if you’re only interested in data. Like Three, iD Mobile will be offering unlimited data plans, with one contract offering 2,000 minutes, 5,000 text, and unlimited data for just £20 per month, which is an absolute bargain.

The Carphone Warehouse is yet to unveil exactly what smartphones will be on offer, so it’s hard to say whether all of the plans are worthwhile. Though, the SIM Only and TakeAway plans are already getting me interested. Check out more information on iD Mobile’s website.

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