DIRT: Rally was considered a PC exclusive due to it’s Early Access release, but Codemasters hasn’t ruled out a console release

DIRT: Rally is already an impressive title, despite it’s Early Access moniker, but for many who don’t own a PC, or don’t have a PC powerful enough to make the most of the new release from Codemasters, never fear, as it looks like the developer is looking to bring the title to consoles. The news comes from Codemasters lead designer Paul Coleman, speaking with Red Bull Games, who said that he wants console gamers to explerience DIRT Rally too.

“I want really to be in the hands of as many players as possible and I’m well aware that the PC market is only a section of the wider gaming market, so ultimately I want players who invested in consoles rather than PCs to be able to experience this game first hand. Early access is the pathway or road that we’re using but I think that once we get to the end of that road we can confidently be packaging and curating a console experience from the content and also from the learnings that we had on PC for our console audience… I think it’s something that we should be actively looking to do.”

Coleman also spoke about the game itself reminding players that DIRT Rally isn’t like previous DIRT games, it’s a serious off road simulator. He added that Codemasters felt that with previous games they were almost “devaluing” rally sport through the way they represented past games:

“Don’t get me wrong, those games were absolutely the right games to make at the time and I think that the sales and the Metacritic results they received absolutely reflect that, but over the last four years we’ve seen the market shifting towards these more in-depth and detailed experiences.”

“People want to buy into an experience and grow with it. They don’t want these throwaway experiences quite as much as they did in the past, so this is kind of our reaction to that.”

DIRT Rally is available on Steam Early Access right now, featuring 36 stages, 17 iconic rally vehicles, and is already a pretty decent prepresentation of what Codemasters want from the new title.

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