An interesting Kickstarter has begun for Crysis Analogue Edition, a board game version of Crytek’s popular shooter

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting news on a new Crysis game, don’t hold your breath. While it seems unlikely that Crytek will be developing a new Crysis game any time soon, this might be the next best thing, a table top board game based in the world of Crysis. You will however need to help it secure funding.

Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game is a new Kickstarter project from Frame 6 who are looking to secure €85,000 for the game to enter mass development. The game, which takes aspects from Crysis and turns them into a pretty neat looking board game, has received full permission from Crytek. The developer behind the franchise has also opened up visual source material for the game too and has assisted with its QA, so you know that it’ll remain true to the series.

From a brief overview video, the game takes on two modes, one being a more traditional deathmatch, the other being a more complex capture the flag mode. The game seems pretty simple to grasp and will allow two to eight players dive into a more turn-based version of Crysis.

If you want to find out more about the game, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

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