Dirty Bomb Blows up Steam on June 2

Splash Damage’s first-person shooter Dirty Bomb is set to explode on Steam on June 2

Dirty Bomb has been in closed beta for a little while now, but come June 2 players from all over can dive in and see what all the fuss is about. The game aims to be a return to the classic first-person-shooter PC experience with fast paced run-and-gun action for those who love classic shooters like Counter Strike.

Published by Nexon America the game will not only be free-to-play but it’ll also be free-to-win, which I’m guessing means that players won’t be able to blast their way to the top by purchasing a super powerful weapon. Players will be able to choose from a diverse group of characters each with their own personalities, talents, and weapons, and can create a squad to take out onto the battlefield to become the ultimate victor.

Along with the announcement, Splash Damage has released a brand new video for the game which you can see above. What’s more, a brand new Merc has been revealed, Kira, who you can find out more about in the video below. Kira is a fire-support specialist equipped with a laser that dishes out a ton of damage. She can also provide support with the ability to drop ammo stations for her team mates.

“Dirty Bomb takes us back to our roots as a company dedicated to making competitive multiplayer shooters for hardcore gamers,” said Paul Wedgwood, CEO of Splash Damage. “Twenty years ago I played obsessively in a clan, competed in tournaments, made a mod for Quake 3, and as a result, founded Splash Damage with clan mates and friends. We’re grateful to have Dirty Bomb shaped by our players from an early alpha stage – With their dedication and feedback, along with the support from Nexon America, we think we’ve created something special.”

You can check out Dirty Bomb on June 2.