Bethesda are gearing up for their first ever E3 event next month by teasing a first look at their DOOM reboot

The trailer, which you can see above, is a very brief eleven seconds of footage for the new game which is expected to be unveiled in full at E3 next month. The game is set to be a more modern-day take on the classic video game franchise and from this clip it looks pretty freaking good.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot to see here as in the 11 second clip there’s a PEGI rating, a brief clip of a shotgun being reloaded, and a skeleton fully loaded with two mingun turrets on its back. It has a slight Nazi Zombie Army feel to it, but that probably won’t be the case in the game’s full gameplay reveal on June 14.

Bethesda are expected to unveil DOOM, and possibly Fallout 4, at E3 this year. Their event takes place on June 14 and will be streamed live. The only problem is, for those of us in the UK, we’re expected to stay up until 3am.. *sigh*

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