EA Games has today announced that they’re rebooting their popular racing franchise with the release of Need for Speed

I guess Need for Speed wasn’t doing all that well in past years, so EA has decided to go back to the drawing board with their newest game in the franchise and are simply calling it: Need for Speed, because that won’t be too confusing.

So what’s essentially a rebirth of the franchise, Ghost Games has been working hard on what’s said to be a “return to greatness”. Like with many releases of classic franchises as of late, EA and Ghost Games wants to deliver what fans have been asking for, for the past however many years. It’s set to offer deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, an open world EA are calling “nocturnal”, as well as a narrative that pulls you into the game.

Sounds a lot like Need for Speed Underground, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

As we know from the teaser EA Games released yesterday, their very own car culture community, Speedhunters, will be involved in the game and with that will help Need for Speed deliver a more grounded in authentic car culture experience with influences from the history and the present day world of urban car culture. This Need for Speed seems to be less about trying to be a decent track racer, and is set to offer a much more definitive street-racing experience.

Check out the announcement trailer above and be sure to tune into the Need for Speed YouTube channel for the full gameplay reveal on June 15.

Need for Speed launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Autumn this year.

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