PS4 vs. Xbox One

EA Games has revealed that they expect to see around 22 million Xbox One and PS4 consoles to be sold this year

Could this year be the year of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? For the past two years, despite pretty decent sales compared to its predecessor, developers are still releasing versions of their games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and while that’s great for those who still play the last generation of games, it does often impede the development of the current-gen versions, or it’s handed off to a studio who doesn’t quite offer what the original developer would.

With that being said, EA believes this year is the year of the new generation of consoles as CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed in the company’s earnings call that they expect a combines 22 million sales of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year alone.

With regards to the market, we expect the console transition to continue at a rapid pace, and another 22 million units to be sold this calendar year, adding to the 27 million units in place at the end of calendar 2014. This is much faster growth than in previous generations.

Of course, if we’re to take EA’s prediction as gospel, that would mean that with Sony recently revealing that the company had sold around 18.5 consoles by the end of 2014, Microsoft had sold around 8.5 million Xbox One’s by that same time. Of course, Microsoft are yet to reveal definitive numbers as to the sales of the Xbox One.

EA also noted that they’re “very happy with the speed at which this console generation has been taken up by players,” with EA CEO Andrew Wilson adding:

We’re up 51% over the same period in Gen-4 versus Gen-3. So 17 months since launch the install base of Gen-4 consoles is now up 51% versus the same period for Gen-3.

As for the slow phase out of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Jorgensen noted that while bigger franchises will make the jump to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, sports titles will likely stick around for the longrun. Remember, just last year EA Sports decided to finally drop the PlayStation 2 from their console roster for FIFA 15.

But we’re making some decisions on new franchises and titles to focus on Gen-4, partially because the power of the platform allows for exceptional gameplay and incredible graphics. And for something like Star Wars, we wanted to make sure that we provided the highest level of quality for the game experience, and you can do that only on Gen-4 and PC.

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