Text? That’s sooo 2010.. Emojis are where it’s at, according to Instagram.

Emojis are quickly becoming the preferred method of communication between the youth today, using a series of faces, hand gestures, and vegetables to quickly compose a message that even the most expert cryptologists can’t crack, but for some reason it’s all the rage amongst the younger generation, and it’s a fad that I don’t quite understand, and I’m only in my late twenties. For some reason though, Instagram is awash with Emoji, to the point where they’ve almost taken over text in the amount that they’re used according to the site’s research.

Recently Instagram opened up to the idea of having Emoji’s indexed into their hashtag search, because hashtag banana is a real thing. Though unsurprisingly to me it includes many pictures of bananas. Either way, on the image sharing platform, Emojis are a big thing.

The research, which was conduced by Thomas Dimson, a software engineer behind Instagram’s Hyperlape app, has revealed that almost half of the text used on Instagram contains Emojis including comments, captions, and.. you guessed it, Emoji hashtags. Dimson also noted that Emoji usage spiked after custom keyboards were introduced into iOS and Android. Apparently, according to the research, Finns use the most emojis in their posts, and 63 per cent of the text containing the emoticons.


And the winner for the most popular Emoji? This one: ? the one I call “the laughy cry face.”

The research also discovered that Emoji are essentially replacing text such as “LOL,” “xoxo,” and even “OMG”.

“It seems that the most popular emoji have similar semantics to words like “lol/hehe” (?), “xoxo” (❤️) and “omg” (?). Are these emoji also replacing the usage of the words?” revealed Dimson in the Tumblr post.

TL;DR: ??? ?? ?? ?❤️??❤️

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