For a quick four versus one match, Evolve has introduced a no-holds barred arena mode

Sometimes Evolve matches can drag out a little bit. It’s no fault of the game, sometimes monster players decide to play it safe leading hunters around on some sort of wild goose chase in order to evolve and destroy the objective. This can lead to some pretty lengthy matches, so Turtle Rock has decided to cut out all of that and has opted for an arena style deathmatch which is now available for free, for everyone.

In short, players are thrown into an everlasting arena dome. There’s no escaping, the only way to win is to defeat the enemy. It’s an all out monster versus hunter where players need to show their skills on the battle field rather than running away to lick their wounds.

In the new Arena mode, Turtle Rock has placed five fixed domes on each of the game’s 14 maps, that’s a total of 70 different venues for this game mode. Players then choose their map and are thrown into a best-of-three series of brawls. Once either the monster or hunter is taken down, it’s onto the next dome in that map until one side is once again eliminated and is crowned the victor.

To make things fair, Hunters and Monsters begin each round with a single perk with Monsters starting at Stage 2 with 50 per cent armour. They can still however feed during battle to regain armour and if they’re skilled enough, can evolve further to Stage 3.

As there’s no dome to look after, the Trapper’s job is much easier, but there’s also a catch. There are no respawns. The Dropship is gone and once you’re dead, you have to wait until the next round. Players are also stuck with the character and perks they choose, but the Monster can change abilities.

Simply put, it’s a cut-throat four v one deathmatch where skill triumphs over playing it safe.

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