It seems Codemasters has had a bit of a false start and will be launching F1 2015 a month later than planned

Set to now launch on July 10, Codemasters broke the news in the game’s latest teaser trailer. The game had previously been due to launch on June 12. Unfortunately no reason for the delay has been given by Codemasters.

The new teaser trailer for the game, other than the revised release date, takes a look at some of the stunning locations you’ll be shooting around as well as the updated visuals which are likely thanks to the game finally coming to current-generation consoles.

Codemasters has revealed that they’re aiming for 1080p60 on both consoles, though it’s likely that the Xbox One, as usual, will end up with 900p. It seems Codemasters last update for the game was in regards to the 60 frames per second frame rate revealing that the final months were being used to achieve that goal.

F1 2015 is expected to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on July 10

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