Games could be coming into Facebook Messenger according to report

Once upon a time, Facebook games used to be the place to find addictive games such as FarmVille, Bejewelled, and more. But since the rise of mobile gaming, these quick one tap puzzle and time management games have abandoned Facebook in favour of something that’s with everybody all the time. According to The Information however, Facebook games could be making a return but this time within Messenger.

As you probably know already, Facebook announced Messenger Platform a little while back allowing developers to build and integrate their apps into Facebook Messenger, whether it’s a library of GIFs to send to your friends, or a compilation of words said using different clips from movies. But it seems this Messenger Platform could take one step further than just witty picture and sound-based replies, it could soon allow you and your friends to play games with each other.

According to the report, Facebook has confirmed that it has been speaking with developers about creating games that work within Messenger and live inside its own app store. Plans are still in the early stages and may not manifest to anything, but the idea is a pretty interesting one and would allow for games which require two players, like QuizUp, Say the Same Thing, and more to work within a platform that has at least two people taking part.

The Information say that Facebook’s interest in games within the Messenger Platform would be a way to get more engagement and revenue, because traction apparently hasn’t been that great for the initial round of GIF, video, and sticker touting apps. So it seems like something like this could be a possibility in the near future.

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