After 10 years offering music streaming to music lovers, Grooveshark has come to an abrupt end..

Grooveshark, the music streaming service which had its fair share of controversy after it was discovered many of the music on the service had been acquired illegally, has now been ordered by judges to either pay up to various music labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group, or hand over their service, patents, and more to the companies. As you might have guessed, the owner, Escape Media, decided to go with the latter, but not before leaving with some parting words.

In a message posted to the official site, Grooveshark expressed sorrow for the way that it handled business, saying that it has settled with major record companies and recommends fans of its service head on over to Spotify, Beats Music, Pandora, and others. Interestingly there was no mention of Jay-Z’s Tidal, though that comes as no surprise considering Grooveshark was found guilty of having illegally acquired music by the rap artist..

In a statement Grooveshark said, “as part of a settlement agreement with the major record companies, we have agreed to cease operations immediately, wipe clean all the data on our servers and hand over ownership of this website, our mobile apps and intellectual property, including our patents and copyrights.”

They also added: “If you love music and respect the artists, songwriters and everyone else who makes great music possible, use a licensed service that compensates artists and other rights holders.”

(Source: Grooveshark)

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