The main theme and details on Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion Heavensward have been revealed, and oh is it beautiful.

The theme song titled “Dragonsong” comes alongside two new trailers showcasing the huge Final Fantasy XIV expansion’s new job actions and dungeons. The job actions trailer includes footage of the three all-new jobs; Machinist, Astrologian and the classic Final Fantasy job Dark Knight. Sidenote – the Dark Knight job looks absolutely badass. I might have to swap over from my usual job as summoner to levelling up as a tank-type job to prepare…

The dungeons trailer has sweeping shots of the various new dungeons we’ll be let loose upon this June. Looks pretty chilly, plenty of icy environments and dark castles! There’s even a creepy library and a lava-based dungeon. It looks like the expansion brings at least eight new dungeons and some interesting bosses to the impressive world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Here’s the song and trailers for your full perusal;

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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will be released on June 23 for Mac, PC, PS3 and PS4, with those who pre-order getting early access on June 19. There’s also a combo pack featuring the base game and expansion with 30 days of gametime releasing on the same day titled “The Complete Experience – Final Fantasy XIV Online”. Complete until the next expansion anyway! If Square Enix use a similar model to Final Fantasy XI’s, there’ll be plenty more content packs before they’re done.


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