There have been rumours circulating that Force Touch is making its way over to the iPhone and iPad. The feature will reportedly be part of iOS but will only be usable on Apple’s next mobile devices.

According to 9to5Mac, one of the main additions to the next generation iPhone (most likely ‘iPhone 6s’) will be Force Touch. iOS 9 will be able to support it and Apple is working to get developers integrating it into their apps.

The Force Touch will work in a similar way to the trackpads on the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro. You will be able to press down on the screen to drop location pins in Maps, for adding new events into Calendar or for looking up word definitions. There is also pressure-sensitive scrolling in media players. Like the Apple Watch and the new Macs, the Force Touch will give haptic feedback when you use it.

Due to the fact that this is for the iPhone 6s, Force Touch is unlikely to be announced at the next WWDC, which starts 8 June. However, it could be integrated into the next generation iPad too. This matches a rumour from earlier this month about the so-called iPad Pro’ featuring a new touch panel.

It is quite likely that Force Touch will move to the iPhone and iPad because Apple is using it on more and more devices. However, we will probably not hear about it officially until around September when the iPhone 6s is announced.

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