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Could a Gears of War Remaster be on the way? Apparently so according to the Brazilian Rating Board.

The Brazilian Advisory Rating Board has already revealed that a Dishonored remaster may be in the works, but this next rating suggest something which has already been denied by the developers. The remaster in question is Gears of War and the rating, for something called Gears of War: Ultimate Edition suggests a remaster may definitely be on the cards.

No platform information has been revealed about the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, but chances are it’ll be an Xbox One release. A Gears of War remaster isn’t a surprise considering how much word of a remaster leaked out last month, and despite Gears developer saying it’s not happening, this is just another log on the remaster fire.

What we don’t know however is what the Ultimate Edition will include. It could contain the trilogy or just the original title. Though if we look at Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it could be the trilogy. Also it’ll come as no surprise if Gears of War: Judgment is omitted from the re-release.

With a new Gears of War in development, a remaster would be a great stop gap between the last game and the upcoming title, but aren’t we sick of rereleases by now?

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