Here’s some news to round up the day, controversial shooter Hatred won’t be available on GOG.com

Remember that controversial shooter that had everyone up in arms? Well it’s launching soon and will be available on Desura and will be the first Adult Only rated title to come to Steam. But there’s one place where it won’t be going on sale: GOG.com, because they’ve refused to sell it. But it’s not really a surprise and probably not what you think.

GOG.com along with having a pretty top selection of classic games, is also well known for providing DRM-free access to games, but there’s one thing they won’t be doing and that’s distributing Hatred, the game which puts the player in the role of as ruthless murderer with the only aim being to cause as much chaos as possible. GOG.com has “refused to distribute the game,” according to the developers, Desctructive Creations.

But before you get the pitchforks out and start hating on GOG.com, it’s worth noting that despite being a pretty reputable distribution platform, it seems they’re also quite particular about what games they distribute:

Those tweets were just a few examples of how GOG.com doesn’t just let any Tom, Dick, and Harry onto their platform. It’s a shame, really, but at the end of the day, business is business. I think Rob is right, Hatred isn’t particularly special in this case. It’s just the fact that with the surrounding controversy, any type of negativity towards such a game will be blown out of proportion, and given the nature of the game, it really comes as no surprise.

Either way, whether it was because of the nature of the game, or whether GOG.com just didn’t see it in amongst their catalogue of games, Hatred is in the limelight once again. Pretty clever if you ask me!

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