Google might finally be ready to set up shop

Google will be making an attempt to compete with online retailers, such as Amazon and eBay, with a new “Shop on Google” feature. The feature will be a non-sponsored way to buy goods directly from a Google search.  A new algorithm has been introduced to make the process work best for consumers; currently, it will be limited to mobile devices. The idea is to speed up the buying process to a few clicks, with your Google account linked to your device.  The process is expected to be very fast: once you click the “Shop on Google” button, you’ll be presented with a page which allows you to customise your purchase if you can, by picking sizes, colours, storage options etc, much like the customisation feature on Amazon. Unlike Amazon, however, Google doesn’t seem like it will be storing and selling the goods directly itself.

There may be some downsides, however. In order for this to work and for Google to maintain good relationships with manufacturers and retailers, Google will likely need to make some deals, such as giving options for programs such as mailing lists. This would ultimately allow companies to obtain information and analytics on buyers, and whilst this won’t affect consumers in a major way, it can be irritating at times. Also, the actual landing pages will be a little different from what you’re used to. Expect tons of branding, deals and information of other products on landing pages. Those  companies won’t take a cut from sales, however, which explains Google’s strategies.

The feature is expected to hit mobile users in the coming weeks. The number of consumers who will use feature will be interestingto see. While Google hasn’t announced its first retailing partners, many sources expect Macy’s to be the first.

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