After being in testing for over six years and travelling over 1.7 million miles Google’s self-driving cars are being put on the roads.

This summer a new type of car will be out on the public roads in Mountain View, California. A car without a driver, a car that’s probably a better driver than you’ll ever be, a car that looks adorable. That’s right, Google has confirmed it’s self-driving space pods cars will be out on the public road this Summer.

Google’s self-driving cars have been in the works for over six years, and while they’ve been testing in real-world scenarios, it’s always been under a controlled setting. Now however, they’re being unleashed onto the real world. Of course, right now they won’t be fully automated..

During these public road tests, each vehicle will come with its own human test driver with their own set of detachable steering wheel and pedals to take over driving if needs be. Also, each car will be capped to travel no faster than 25 miles per-hour which according to Google is slow and fast enough to safely travel through small residential and commercial areas.


Google’s aim for this pilot program is to learn what people would use the vehicles for and will hopefully on improving them even more before rolling them out on a consumer level. It’ll take a while, but Google are making some pretty decent headway.

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