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Google has revealed once again how dumb humans are by revealing that Google’s self-driving vehicles have been in 11 accidents all of which are your fault

Google have a habit of making the average human seem like an idiot. First they revealed that Google’s self-driving vehicles will have airbags on the outside to protect silly humans who decide to not look twice while crossing, now they’ve revealed that despite revealing that the automated cars have been in 11 accidents, none of them were at fault of the technology, once again humans prove just how stupid they really are.

According to Blackchannel, Google has revealed details of some of the mishaps their autonomous vehicles have encountered. Accident prevention and safety are of course one of the main reasons for the introduction of autonomous, self-driving vehicles. And out of 11 ‘minor’ accidents where no one was hurt, Google say that it was not at the fault of Google’s self-driving car. Google’s cars have travelled a combined 1.7 million miles in the past 6 years of testing, with the company saying they now hit about 10,000 miles a week in autonomous mode.

So given the 10,000 miles a week, and the 1.7 million miles in the past 6 years, 11 accidents doesn’t seem all too bad.

One of the examples Google gave for human stupidity, which actually wasn’t an accident thanks to Google’s tech, was a cyclist who decided to shoot out just after a light went red at an intersection. Thankfully Google has added an additional step when entering an intersection. Google’s self-driving cars now pause before entering an intersection right after the light goes green as this is most often when vehicles decide to speed through in a hurry.

That’s exactly what happened with a cyclist as you can see from the imagery below. Google’s self-driving car saw the stupid human speeding through on their bicycle, predicted their route, and let them go about their stupidity before entering the intersection and completing the turn. Which is actually pretty impressive.

The cyclist is the blue box:



Once again humans are proving to be inferior to the machine. Soon they’ll become as intelligent and hopefully less idiotic than people.

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