The idyllic utopia that Google laid out in its HQ plans in Mountain View have been derailed after the city’s council ruled in favour of giving a majority of development space to LinkedIn, ahead of the web giant.

Google’s plans were grand and futuristic, a swirling structure of glass and twisted metal, but it seems that LinkedIn’s more refined development plans have trumped the extravagant concepts of Google – with the city’s council awarding the social networking site two thirds of the 2.2 million square foot space that Google was vying for.

It seems that Google will now have to find a new space to construct their new HQ, which is set to house 20,000 employees, as they have only been awarded 510,000 square feet.

The limited space would make it difficult to construct a mega structure in the fashion of their concept designs, but reports are claiming that Google may construct at least one office block on their reduced area, before finding a new space to complete their full planned development.

Another interesting aspect of the Google HQ plans is the way that the Californian based company intends to build their new base, as it is claimed they will use robots to place materials.

It is rumoured that Google are planning to use ‘crabots’, which seem to be crane like robots.

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