Forget third party drones with GoPros attached, GoPro are going all-in on their own consumer drone.

GoPro’s rumoured dabble into drones began as early as last year, and now it’s official. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman has announced that the company is going to build its very own quadcopter with sights set on a first half of 2016 release.

Woodman announced the news at the Code Conference last night saying that “the quad is in some ways the ultimate GoPro accessory,” adding that the company see the devices as core enough to their business to concentrate efforts on their own models. Details of what the drones will look like, or how they’ll be priced, have been kept under wraps, but Woodman noted that GoPro are a “consumer focused company” so chances are we’d looking at a price similar to DJI and Parrot’s quadcopter offerings.

It seems that the quadcopter GoPro will be offering will likely have more accessories that can be added to the kit with Woodman saying that a number of related products will be available when the quadcopter launches.

Quadcopters and drones are becoming increasingly popular with videographers and hobbyists as well as the average Joe, but as more and more incidents of drones entering the wrong places and more regulations cracking down on when and where they can be used, soon enough we’ll only be able to fly drones in our own back gardens.

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