Green Lantern VS. Yellow Ranger

The Yellow Power Ranger. The ultimate enemy of the Green Lantern. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you a little something about Green Lantern.

The Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott), was a completely independent version to the more popularised one who was almost retired after comics lost popularity in the 50s. His power ring’s Kryptonite (weakness) was wood, so his powers couldn’t work against anything made from wood.

When comics became popular again DC decided to create a new version of Green Lantern AKA Hal Jordan, intergalactic space cop. The new Green Lantern power ring weakness was the colour yellow. More specifically, it was yellow energy. The colour of fear. Opposite to the green fearless energy Green Lantern runs on. Okay sometimes Green Lanterns can resist this weakness by overcoming fear, though what’s more scary than what I’m about to propose?

Green Lantern vs. the Yellow Power Ranger. That’s the morphing Power Ranger kind. You have to remember, the Power Rangers do run off energy; each ranger has an energy source represented by their respective ranger colour. Red energy for the Red Ranger, blue energy for the Blue Ranger and so on and so forth.

So imagine if you will, a couple of Green Lanterns investigating a disturbance on a planet and encountering a few yellow rangers on your average empty planet.  Think about it, the Yellow Ranger (of all the various teams out there) is a superstar martial artist. The Green Lantern corps is just trained in basic hand to hand combat. They also usually carry a bunch of weapons that emit energy which can wear a Green Lantern down (though remember a Green Lantern can create energy constructs based on their imagination). The bigger and more elaborate the Green Lantern constructs become, the more desperate the rangers will become.

So that’s when the Yellow Rangers breaks out the Megazords. The battle rages on with greater, more epic proportions. Eventually the Green Lanterns have battered the Megazords, their rings exhausted. The Yellow Rangers have abandoned their trademark mecha and the Green Lantern rings are running low on power. It devolves into a hand to hand brawl. The Rangers are trained fighters, the Lanterns not so much (though the Lanterns have learnt to adapt without their rings).

What happens? I really don’t know. How about you decide?

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Afraid that they got rid of the Yellow Weakness after Emerald Twilight because they released the Yellow Impurity from the Central Battery. And Green Lanterns aren’t trained warriors? They train predominantly without the use of their rings because they know better than to fight while dependent on them. And I think the article massively underestimates the power of the ring, given the fact that they can split atoms to begin with. Those’re just my two cents, as I know next to nothing about Power Rangers.

Josh Francis
Josh Francis

I never said they weren’t trained warriors, not as well trained in hand to hand combat like a Power Ranger is what I stated generally. I also mentioned how they were used to fighting without their rings. They can get rid of the Yellow Impurity (totally forgot about it), but again this is just logical fan fiction, I didn’t have time to run numbers through my personal super computer. Plus depending on the ring bearers skill, it can vary. I believe there is also a Green Lantern who rarely uses his ring and relies on his own strength.