Reimagined remake of Valve’s Half-Life, Black Mesa, has finally launched on Steam.. Though it’s early days yet.

Earlier this week a mysterious countdown began on The Black Mesa Research Facility website to which many suspected that the acclaimed re-imaginging of Valve’s Half-Life was finally set for release. Fortunately we were partly right, the game has now finally been released on Steam, but right now it’s still in development and is enlisting the help of players to both test the game and fund the final stages of development.

Black Mesa is apparently a “re-envisioning” of Valve’s Half-Life, and follows Gordon Freeman and his journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility. It’s been recreated for capture the spirit of the original game as well as bringing its graphics a little more up to date than those found in the 1998 original. “This is Half-Life the way it was meant to be played!” the listing reveals.

“We currently have the first ~85% of our single player campaign completed,” explains the Early Access Q&A. “For the last 15% we want to not only recreate it, but improve upon it to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience.”

In addition to new and updated visuals, the game also includes new voice overs, updated encounters and stability changes, and also adds multiplayer! With the game only being around 80 per cent complete, the developers are busy adding more maps and modes than are currently included, there’s also Steam Workshop support which’ll likely add some additional arenas for fans to play on while they wait.

Black Mesa is currently available on Steam for £15/$20, though that price is likely to rise once it’s out of Early Access.

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