The Warcraft movie is well into production and here’s our first look at the movie itself

The movie has been in development for some time and with most of the principal photography coming to an end already it’s all about post production, but what exactly will the movie look like? We’re yet to get a cinematic glimpse at the movie itself, but what we do have is a still and a character model up close and hairy.

Wired have managed to get exclusive access to a still and a character model of Orgrim, an orc which is to be played by Robert Kazinsky, and the level of detail is incredible. Can you see those nose hairs? Of course, this isn’t make up, it’s the magic of CG in action, though it’s still pretty impressive.

Warcraft is set to premier on June 10, 2016 so we’ve still yet got a little while to wait, but if these stills are anything to go by, it’s going to look pretty incredible.


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