Life is Strange Episode 3 launches tomorrow and here’s a trailer to let you know what you’ll be getting up to

The third episode of Life is Strange launches tomorrow and it looks like the focus has turned onto the mysterious disappearance of Chloe’s friend Rachel. About time really, I don’t think I could cope with any more of what the past two episodes have had on offer, especially the way the last episode ended..

Episode 3 is entitled Chaos Theory which, according to a summary by Edward Lorenz:

Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.

It’s also of course better known as The Butterfly Effect, so could we be seeing some of Max’s time-bending actions making more of a stamp in the world of Arcadia Bay?

In this episode players are lead into Blackwell Academy as Alex and Chloe break into the principals office to try and get to the bottom of Rachel’s disappearance. The trailer gives us a taste of things to come as well as seeing them get close to uncovering some truths as well as some uncomfortable conversations with Nathan and Frank once again.

Life is Strange Episode 2 “Chaos Theory” launches on May 19.

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