Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater dev has uploaded the first 20 minutes of Game 4 for all to see

The Behemoth has released the first 20 minutes of Game 4 online for those who are yet to experience the developer’s latest title. It’s chock full of spoilers so if you’re wanting to wait until Game 4 has a name, I’d probably click away.

For those who don’t know, Game 4 is a tactical RPG which follows an innocent blueberry farmer named Horatio as he recruits a party of heroes and fights a ton of bad guys. I mean, what else did you expect from The Behemoth? This of course marks another direction that The Behemoth have tried to conquer with both run and gun, side-scrolling, and platforming already being tackled in their last titles.

In addition to the trailer, The Behemoth have also highlighted some of the changes they’ve made to the game in a blog post. It’s a pretty interesting read and highlights the creative process from the company.

Game 4, as it’s currently called, is set to land on Xbox One and PC exclusively and will feature a story mode which is also co-operative with two players, and a 2v2 arena mode.

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