For the past few weeks IGN has been revealing various little snippets of Rock Band 4, and now they’ve finally revealed the gameplay in action

IGN has had exclusive dibs on various little bits of information for Rock Band 4, first we learned about some new features coming to the game, then the first six songs were revealed, and now we’ve finally seen how the game will look in action and it looks fairly unremarkable.

As you’d expect with a game which is sticking with a tried and tested mechanic, the game play for Rock Band 4 doesn’t look all that different. Check out the fairly hefty hour-long video above to take a closer look, though you can get the gist of the game in the first few minutes as some of the team play through one of the already announced songs; Somebody Told Be by The Killers. We do get to see a glimpse of the new drum fills in action, and a few of the other recently announced game play features.

There’s also a good look at some of the new game modes coming to the game such as Show Mode which lets players vote for the next type of song during the song currently being played which keeps the game running rather than everyone having to stop and wait for the next song to be chosen. This is ideal for party settings, IGN revealed.

All in all, Rock Band 4 looks like a very familiar experience which I’m sure many are happy with, and those who are a little unsure, there seems to be many features available to keep the game fresh for those who have put too many hours already mashing plastic guitars and drum kits.

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