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What am I thinking, Parkman? Maybe that the Force is with you and you may live longer and prosper? What do all these mismatched quotes mean?

Well, as you probably remember Heroes is coming back. You remember that show from the mid 2000s which was about a cross section of Average Joes having superpowers. Like Alphas, Betas, Mutant X (I know the X-men connection) but this one was for the mid-2000s.

Thanks to a writers strike, the fine work of the first season was almost forgotten because of a mixed Season 2, then after a few more hits and missed seasons, it was cancelled. Though don’t worry Heroes will be Reborn, this year.

So with Masi Oka returning as clock stopping fanboy Hiro Nakamura, the latest news is that he’ll be accompanied by Greg Grunberg, the dyslexic mind reading cop, Matt Parkman. So that makes two heroes so far. Grunberg has a healthy geek CV, appearing as the voice of Captain Kirk’s stepfather in the 2009 Star Trek Movie, and will appear in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Alongside this, he’s appeared in Masters of Sex and at the time of writing in the top ten of Netflix horror movies.

When we last saw Matt Parkman in Heroes, he was sharing his body with evil Spock man, Zachary Quinto, playing the gory Sylar. If you don’t remember how Heores ended, don’t worry I’m here for you, or to be honest it would have been hard to remember, with it all getting a bit complex. Like an X-men comic: it just got really really complicated.

So as the cheerleader Claire reveals her healing abilities to the world, this means something could go really wrong. Since the government and Micheal Dorn’s President of United States have already made it clear how much they don’t like people with super powers.

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