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It seems Hollywood has had the last straw and have issued a warning to all copyright infringing pirate websites asking them to take down their content in 24 hours or face legal consequences

Hollywood is pissed, and they want all pirate sites to cease distribution of illegal files otherwise face “unspecified consequences.” One of Hollywood’s chief lobbying bodies have reportedly ordered piracy sites globally to shut down within 24 hours otherwise they’ll be faced with legal consequences. The Motion Picture Association of America has had enough, and they’re no longer going to sit around and let torrent sites take away money they deserve!

Torrent Freak is reporting that some of the top European torrent sites have been hit with a notice from the organisation’s vice-president of global content protection, Internet operations, Jan van Voorn. They’re warning sites that European Union law makes it illegal to link to pirated film and television shows. The notice asks the sites to “immediately (within 24 hours)” take effective measures to prevent copyright infringement, reads the letter. It also specified that the sites involved can’t even so much as link to other websites with such content, otherwise they’ll be faced with legal action.

It’s currently unkown whether the MPAA’s threats are the start of something much, much bigger or whether it’s just another attempt to frighten sites in shutting down immediately. For a long time now the MPAA has been battling to take down websites, with some success. Right now the biggest torrent site, The Pirate Bay, is inaccessible to many around the world, though Proxies have provided access to the site for many. They’ve also won battles against isoHunt, Hotfile, and BTJunkie.

The 24 hours is almost up, so we’ll see in the very near future whether something much bigger is going to happen or whether it was just an empty threat.

(Source: TorrentFreak)

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