It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting active again..

There was a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and S5 Active, so it should come as no surprise that an S6 version could be on the way. A couple of images supposedly show the front and back of the phone and it differs in a couple of areas to the original version.

Of course, the main difference is the design on the back. Samsung sacrifices the style of the current S6 for a rugged and tough material on the Active. With the four screws on the back, you could argue that it even looks stronger than the previous generation.

The second difference is that there doesn’t appear to be a fingerprint scanner. The home button on the Active is a physical button, so it looks as though the use of your fingerprint isn’t possible. This was also the case with the S5 Active. However, the heart rate monitor is still there.

The rumoured specs for the S6 Active are that it’ll have a 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, an Exynos 7420 processor and 3,500 mAh battery. In terms of cameras, 16MP on the back and 5MP on the front.

The leaked images show AT&T branding so well have to wait and see if it makes it way over to Europe as well.

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