Email isn’t dead and Instagram is making the most of that fact

While email isn’t as dead as everyone hopes it would be, social networks come and go quicker than that weird smell you get when you sneeze sometimes. Instagram know this and as it’s coming up to its fourth birthday, it’s hoping early adopters don’t forget the ageing social network in favour of something more “hip”. To help, Instagram has started sending out “Hilights” emails with recaps of some of the popular stuff they’ve missed from their Instagram feeds.

This new Highlights email is being send out to only a few users at the moment. Within the email users are offered a recap of some of the snaps taken by the people they follow in a similar way to Twitter’s latest “best of” emails. It’s a way for you to catch up on things you might have missed, and of course a way for Instagram to remain at the front of your mind. Instagram confirmed the email campaign to TechCrunch revealing that it’s the first time the service has used email to promote itself.

According to the publication, the email is so new that there’s currently no way to customise your email settings, unsubscribing seems to work, but there’s no way to re-subscribe if you realise you actually like the email campaign.

Keep an eye out for the email coming your way soon. Hopefully the unsubscribe button does work, or Instagram at least create a way to tailor your email preferences.


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