Warner Bros. has revealed that Jason Voorhees is available to download today in Mortal Kombat X

As part of the pre-announced Kombat Pass, acclaimed Horror figure, Jason Voorhees will be slashing his way into the cut-throat world of Mortal Kombat X today for those who purchased the pass at least. Voorhees will also be available to purchase individually from May 12. Though Voorhees doesn’t say much, he’ll definitely be making some noise in MKX.

Along with the announcement of his availability, a new trailer has also launched showing off his X-Ray and a glimpse at one of his Fatalities. This chap really isn’t messing about.

The Kombat Pass can be purchased right now for around £25 and will include most of the game’s upcoming DLC including exclusive characters such as Voorhees and The Predator as well as some “Klassic Kombatants.” Voorhees is also set to cost around £3.50, and the Horror Pack, which includes three skins, will be priced at around £3. A full bundle is also being made available for around £5/6 too.

Will you be playing Voorhees in Mortal Kombat X?

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