Jem and the Holograms is here, but it’s a little different.. and where are the Holograms??

Maybe it is lazy journalism, but I’ve decided. Anyone who can explain Jem and The Holograms to me, shall impress for life. Why do I ask this? Well, the trailer for the movie has come out, and it’s a little.. odd. I’m guessing the cartoon that came out in the 80’s was like Voltron in the UK and just wasn’t that popular for whatever reason.

Though I could have sworn this was a strange and weird wacky 80’s cartoon where the main character used holograms to live out this second life and battle rival bands called The Misfits.

Could someone tell me, is this trailer an accurate summary of the cartoon? Zainy outfits and teen identity crisis? I’m pretty sure it’s not. Where are the brutish bad-guys? Anyway, for those who aren’t at all miffed about the new trailer, sell me the concept. Whoever sells this franchise to me will persuade me to go the cinema and review it.

Go on. I implore thee.

Also who are the Holograms, of Jem and the Holograms?

  • Elvick

    No, it’s not Jem. It’s nothing at all like Jem.

  • Josh Francis

    How? What’s different?

  • Paul Graham

    The Holograms is her band’s name Josh. It was successful in the 80’s as far as I remember and I think it rivaled He-Man and the Masters of the Universe with lassies watching all over the country.

    As far as the new film is concerned, it’ll probably be absolute guff and misrepresent the 80’s product in every way. More Hollywood cash grabs that murder 80’s kid’s childhoods.

  • Josh Francis

    Well put Paul. With it being for lassies it’s probably why I’ve never stumbled upon it. The best thing about being a 90’s kid is that my childhood won’t be screwed for at least another 10 years.