Breaking news. It’s looks like the Joker may be wearing a top over his tattoos. Also, Harley Quinn may be wearing long trousers.

That’s right, here at n3rdabl3 we focus on the little things that make life exciting. So some on set photos have leaked onto the internet showing what appears to be a flashback scene showing The Joker and Harleen Quinzel (Harley’s real name) having a discussion.

For those who aren’t inducted, Harley was a psychiatrist working in Arkham which was lured over to the dark side by The Joker, who over the years hasn’t exactly been nice to Harley along the way. We did have videos, but Warner Bros took them down quicker than Batman ragging on The Riddler. So check out the confirmed idea of The Joker dressing and acting like an unlikable tool, because he’s a bad guy.

Check out some the pictures swirling across the Internet below. They seem to show Harleen and the Joker arguing outside Jokers flashy sports car and then the some kind of altercation between the two.

By the way. Let’s try and start a thing here. Let’s call that garish pink OTT sports car The Joker drives around in “The Joker Mobile”, or better yet the “Broker Mobile”, Since The Broker is my clever fusion of two words to describe Jared Leto’s Joker. Half Bro and half Joker. Aka The Broker.


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