Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. It literally does what it says in the title. Go to your local comic stores and pick up some free comics!

Which free comics, you ask? Specially produced ones which act as a filler or jumping-on point for readers to old books, whilst acting as an introduction to new and upcoming books.

At my local store I could only pick up three per person and to not take advantage I also bought a normal comic as well. Let’s take a look at what I got, shall we?

The first one I want to talk about is The All New, All Different Avengers.  If you didn’t know (like our own Aaron Richardson) what Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event is, it’s basically a continuity-wide reboot which will see Mile Morales (the African-American Spider-man from a parallel universe) join the more successful mainstream universe. The story introduces a slightly old Avengers dynamic. The old guard superheroes like The Vision, Ironman (not sure who is wearing that armour yet, but it looks cool despite his head looking like a dinosaur), Captain America (the Falcon is currently Captain America) and Thor (no spoilers here) teaching the new guard, Spider-man (Miles Morales), Ms. Marvel and Nova the importance of life preservation in the Avengers team. So  basically, it’s a preview of what’s to come after the summer!  The second story follows the Inhumans (augmented humans) and Johnny Storm, who is apparently involved with the Queen of the Inhumans trying to stop people being turned into Inhumans in India. So basically this book was supposed to hook with a little bit of bait. Did it work? I might pay attention for mystery Ironman.

Another comic I picked up was Street Fighter. Udon do really good artwork, so it doesn’t matter if there wasn’t any story or narrative. This was just a quick introduction to some Street Fighter characters and it did it while looking really cool.

Mercury Heat was one of my other picks. Imagine a Cyber-Punk MMORPG set on Mercury and you’ll probably understand Mercury Heat. The story follows a sheriff on her violent adventures on Mercury. This one should be good if not bloody. Perhaps the artwork is a little rough on the shading, but the lead character is quite good however, despite a silly sexual costume.

Miami Vice was the final pick. It’s weird, this show was so big in the 80s, but I’ve never seen it repeated in the UK. I doubt it’s anything like the trippy comic though. Miami Bath salts indeed!

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