They aren’t heroes… They’re legends. The first Legends of Tomorrow trailer hits!

A couple of days ago I did a run down on what we know already about the upcoming CW show the Legends of Tomorrow, the spin off series spawning from both Arrow and The Flash. It looks like I wasn’t too far off! But looking at this trailer we can definitely update a few things that were previously only speculation.

Sara’s the White Canary. This was pretty much confirmed for a little while, and whilst it’s a shame that we won’t get to see the real White Canary, who is a Chinese villain in the comics, it does make sense from a pure logistics point of view that Sara don the mantel now that her sister Laurel is the Black Canary. Two sides of the yin and yang, if you will. It also shows us that indeed the rumours about the Lazerus Pit being used to resurrect her are true which… Honestly makes me groan. She’s been dead for quite a while, surely she was on her way to being worm food by now? Unless she was taken out of her grave far sooner than even the Arrow crew realised.. I dunno. Let’s hope the show clears that up, because it feels like such an obvious answer to bring her back this way. Though maybe we’ll get some Red Hood style twistedness out of her, who knows.

It looks like Rip Hunter will be appearing after the team is assembled? Is it possible that it’s actually Arrow and The Flash that puts the team together initially, putting the Atom as its leader when they discover this threat? Or did Rip go to them first to ask for help in getting people together? So many questions!

Hawkgirl’s looking great from the little we saw of her. I know people are wondering why we didn’t see much of her in this trailer and my bet is down to two reasons. The first being that they don’t want to reveal her too heavily yet, leave some mystery for non-comic book fans to get excited about. They’ve seen she has wings, but they ain’t seen nothing yet. The next part is possibly down to the fact her CGI isn’t completely finished yet. This show’s going to air in 2016, so there’s still a lot of post work to be done on the show. Don’t give up hope! I’m sure we’ll get more Hawkgirl closer to release of the first episode.

Stein can still seem to Firestorm? Or at least that’s what the trailer implied. Perhaps in the show they find a way to help him harness the Firestorm energy without Ronnie? Or will he still just play the support role as I anticipate he will?

Vandal Savage is confirmed as the villain, I swung and missed pretty hard on my hopes of a lesser powered Darkseid but hey, we can’t win them all! Vandal’s going to prove to be a nightmare for the team, so he’ll definitely be a great starting point for the Legends to get their teeth stuck into.

Unlike the charming, cheery attitude of Supergirl, this show looks like it’s going to follow the same line as Arrow in its darkness. Though by bringing in Flash villains Cold and Heatwave alongside the upbeat and optimistic Ray Palmer, I reckon we could get a really solid mix of grit and humour together as one. This might actually have the potential to surpass both Arrow and The Flash if played right.

What’re your thoughts on the first trailer? Too many superheroes for your liking? Or is it juuust right?

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