LIS EP3 Date announce screen

The third episode of DONTNOD’s episodic adventure game, Life is Strange is set to land next week

Life is Strange, probably one of my favourite games of this year, will be getting its third episode next week and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how the events of Episode 2 effect the story in this next episode. Entitled Chaos Theory this instalment will be taking a look at Rachel Amber’s disappearance.

Remember Rachel Amber? She’s Chloe’s best friend who disappeared one day. Oddly enough this has hardly been the focus of the game’s story so far, so it’ll be interesting to dive deeper into this mysterious disappearance. Players can expect to find themselves at Blackwell Academy after dark, during which Max will find a brand new use for her power.

There’s a brand new screenshot too that’ll see Max & Chloe attempt to break into Principal Wells office (above). I knew there was something fishy about that bloke.

Episode 3 of Life Is Strange launches on May 19.


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