Roll7 has announced that the local-multiplayer mode Combo-Rush is now available for free for OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

Revealed before release but unfortunately held back for some final polish, right now PlayStation 4 players can download the new Combo-Rush mode for OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood as part of a free update. How well can you compete against your friends in real time?

High scores are one thing, but trying to become the best of the best in real time; well that’s a completely different story. I’m sure we’ve all got muscle memory for the quick restart on OlliOlli as we’ve repeatedly tried to nail the perfect line, but in Combo-Rush you have one chance to impress, no restarts. This intense new game mode pits you against three of your friends across all worlds and spots, letting you duke it out to become the king.

Combo-Rush comes with four unique game modes, a Time mode where players have to achieve a high score in a set time, a Race mode, where players race to the end, One-Shot which is like the daily grind but without a practice before hand, and a Score mode where you need to achieve the best score possible.

All of this is laid out in a lovely tournament format where Skaters select a tournament length where each round is scored until a winner is chosen. If you end up in a tie, there’s also a Sudden Death mode where a random One-Shot level is thrown at you to determine the winner.


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