Lords of the Fallen E

Lords of the Fallen is being re-released, bundled with all DLC and more

Lords of the Fallen is getting a re-release in the form of a Game of the Year Edition bundling all its DLC and a few extra bits for you to purchase once again. You’ll be able to spend full-price on a game that launched last year on June 26.

I’m not saying that Souls-like Lords of the Fallen shouldn’t get a Game of the Year Edition, it just seems like every game, if it isn’t getting a “definitive, remastered, megare-release edition”, is getting a Game of the Year Edition. I digress.. We gave it a pretty positive review and the game was mostly received positively, so I guess that warrants the game getting this edition, right?

Anyway, for those wanting to dive into Lords of the Fallen and haven’t just yet, you can purchase the Game of the Year Edition next month that’ll include the base game, and all of the game’s DLC including: Ancient Labyrinth, The Demonic Weapons Pack, The Lionheart Pack, and The Monk’s Decipher.

In addition to the included DLC, it’s also set to include some new weapons and armor sets too.

Once again, it’ll be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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