A tweet from one of Mass Effects producers has started murmurs about the next Mass Effect game..

Michael Gamble, a producer from the Mass Effect series has this weekend posted a tweet which could almost definitely be considered a teaser for the upcoming Mass Effect game. Though a follow-up tweet playfully denies such a thing.

We all know a new Mass Effect is coming and is currently in development by BioWare Edmonton. It has however been in development for some time which undoubtedly means a full, proper reveal is expected some time soon, and though this tweet may have absolutely nothing to do with it, all eyes are pointing towards E3 2015.

The tweet, which is nothing but an image, resembles that of the arc found in the Mass Effect logo as well as pretty much every part of Mass Effect’s overall design. The image wouldn’t look out of place as part of a teaser with just a date, or some sort of ominous tag line. Sadly all it is, is an image. Make of it what you will, we’re pretty happy to speculate, but a follow-up tweet sent some 10 hours after the first, reveals a little more, and it’s not what we think..

Of course, this could just be a cheeky post to make people think twice about the original tweet, or it could be genuine. What we don’t have however is a direct comment on the image in terms of whether it relates to Mass Effect or not. Various tweets in reply to both posts ask directly whether it’s a hit at some sort of reveal for Mass Effect, unfortunately Gamble avoids directly answering any questions, with the closest being this tweet:

Details on the next Mass Effect game have been revealed here and there, but there’s no definite word on what the game is about, when it will launch, and what it’s called. For now we’re all just calling it Mass Effect 4. Will we see more of the game at E3 later this year? It’s more than likely.

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