Medieval focussed sandbox game, Medieval Engineers, now has multiplayer so you can rain hell on your friends

Keen Software House has released a brand new update for Medieval Engineers that introduces multiplayer into the massive sandbox title allowing players to not only build together and defend against the oncoming swarm of barbarians, but also battle together as you create fortresses and cities and then go to war.

Much like Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers is receiving the same dedication and regular updates adding more and more features into the mix. The game has been in Early Access for around three months now and already it has seen a substantial amount of content being added. The latest update however is probably the most appealing for players of the title and allows them to construct massive settlements with friends, or band together to battle other players online.

The initial multiplayer version supports everything already found in the game in both Creative and Survival modes including building and destruction, structural integrity, mechanical parts, crafting, and more. Keen Software House has also enabled the option to host multiplayer games on dedicated servers so you can have a much better experience with a lot less lag.

Medieval Engineers, as an “Early Access” game, remains in development, and takes feedback and suggestions from the community that helps to further improve and expand the game. The development team is currently working on several new additions that will come in the future. The most important ones are a completely re-worked and improved multiplayer, a battle system, a better melee fight (attack and block) and support for ropes.

To find out more about the latest update, you can read the development blog or check out the highlight video above.

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