All hopes for a MediEvil revival have been smushed as the creator reveals leaked footage was from their project

This weekend we reported that NeoGAF users had discovered some “leaked footage” of an upcoming MediEvil remake. Sadly that wasn’t the case at all and we all just got a little too over excited at the prospect of a new MediEvil title coming to life. The video was instead from a fan-made project built in Unreal Engine 4.

Try not to cry too hard when you watch the above video, entitled Gallowmere, showing off Sir Daniel Fortesque waddle through a pretty well designed graveyard. Apparently the creators didn’t mean to get a little too excited for the game to come on PS4, but they did. And now I feel sad.

Hopefully the video and hype surrounding the earlier teaser created by Guillermo Moreno show Sony that there’s a want for a new MediEvil title. Please Sony…


… please.

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