Meerkat, the popular Twitter-based live streaming app is beginning to move away from the microblogging service as it eyes up a much bigger whale

Meerkat has had it’s moment in the Twitter spotlight and with the introduction of Twitter’s own live-streaming service Periscope, Meerkat has set sights on conquering a much bigger social space, Facebook. Today a brand new update to the Meerkat app for iOS adds Facebook functionality to the service so users can publish Meerkat alerts directly to your Facebook feed. Additionaly Meerkat has introduced the ability to sign in with Facebook rather than Twitter.

For the past month or so a war has been waging between Meerkat, the first app of its kind to gain insane amounts of popularity, and Periscope, a Twitter-owned app which offers almost the same functionality as Meerkat. There’s just one problem, as both rely on Twitter to send out alerts and notifications that the user is going live, Twitter’s own Periscope is being favoured by the company, of course, and is receiving much more of the Twitter spotlight.

So instead of trying to beat ’em, Meerkat looks to be shifting focus elsewhere adding Facebook integration and the ability to search for friends to create your own network of friends on the service, by letting the app look for your contacts. The only question is, will Facebook take notice and eventually launch their own service? Or, like Twitter with Periscope, would the social network look to acquire Meerkat?

The service has also received a number of other updates including a “mobbing” feature that’ll notify if your stream is popular with a Meerkat in a rocket blasting around your screen.

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