With the war of Meerkat vs Periscope, Meerkat is one step ahead launching their Android app first

Meerkat has always had an odd presence on Android. Sure, an app has been available since its birth, almost, but it hasn’t actually had the full functionality of the iOS app. Now however, Meerkat has stepped up its game now it has competition from Twitter’s own Periscope, and has launched their official Android app, streaming and all, first. Let the games begin.

Meerkat seemingly blew up before SXSW and was set to become the app of the big event. That was until Twitter put a nail in Meerkat’s coffin and essentially toned down Meerkat’s reach on Twitter. We now know that it’s because Twitter planned to launch their own Twitter-integrated live streaming app, Periscope, which quickly ate through Meerkat’s users as everyone flocked to Twitters service. Now however Meerkat is pulling ahead with the launch of their Android app into open beta, complete with live streaming.

The app, which has an identical look to the iOS version, lacks a lot of Android’s material design, and is still a little clunky to use but if you’re on Android and want to live-stream your life to the world, then you can do so fairly easily.

It’s worth noting that Meerkat’s lead might be quite short lived as Periscope and Twitter has revealed that their Android app will be coming soon, so it won’t be too long until the race between the two heat up again. All I have to do now is live a more interesting life in order to live-stream something.. Maybe..

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