Microsoft’s future telling assistant is coming to Android and iOS

Honestly I have no idea how well Microsoft’s Cortana compares to Apple’s Siri, or Google’s Now assistant. What I do know for sure is that if you’re placing a bet and need some advice, Cortana is the smart assistant to go to, and now she’s making her way onto Android and iOS.

After correctly predicting the outcome of the world cup and then the winner of the Eurovision song contest as well as various other accurate predictions, Cortana is as intelligent as they come and has often been touted as a pretty decent competitor to Siri and Google Now. Up until recently the smart assistant named after a pretty iconic Halo character has remained firmly lodged into Microsoft’s devices, meaning those wanting to place sure-thing bets have had to opt for Windows Phones, that’s all coming to an end though.

Today Microsoft confirmed that it’s bringing Cortana to Android and iOS with plans to release separate apps for each mobile OS to enable it’s assistant to run outside of Windows. In a brief video, Microsoft is only offering a fairly short look at the app in action, but the company has ensured that users will be able to make the same queries and ask the same questions using Cortana across Microsoft’s own Windows, Apple’s iOS, or Google’s Android.

The Android app is expected to land in late June with an iOS app to follow later this year.

Of course, the app won’t quite be as powerful as it is on Windows due to the various integrations with Microsoft’s own services, but you’ll still receive the same notifications as Windows users such as sports results, flights, and more.

This all comes as part of Microsoft’s companion experience for bringing services and features from Microsoft’s upcoming OS, Windows 10, to all smartphones. It’ll also allow Windows 10 PC owners discover relevant apps on their Android, Windows, or iOS devices, to make use of OneNote, One Drive, and other services. More info on that can be found in the video above.

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