Moonrise.. It’s like Pokémon, but not

Moonrise is the new game from State of Decay developer, Undead Labs, and it’s essentially Pokémon but it promotes itself as a real-time tactical creature battler. As someone who has barely played Pokémon, this just looks like Pokémon to me, but instead of catching, training, and evolving Pokémon, you catch, train, and evolve “Solari” which are entirely different, I’m told.

Pessimism aside, Moonrise looks promising and it’s coming to Steam in the form of Early Access so all you Pokémon buffs can get your fix with a mouse and keyboard instead of on a handheld. It’s going to be interesting to see how the real-time element works with this and how the American developers put their own flavour into this genre that has been mostly dominant with Japanese developers.

Moonrise will arrive for PC and Mac on May 27th through Early Access on Steam and as for the pricing, Undead Labs has said “Early Access will be available through two premium content bundles, priced at $14.99 and $19.99. Each bundle includes exclusive Early Access content and a variety of in-game items offered at far less than the regular price.”

Check out the trailer for yourself above.

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