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Mozilla’s attempt at dominating emerging markets has fallen flat on its face, so they’ve shifted focus elsewhere

Mozilla have been trying to dominate the emerging markets for some time now with their HTML5-powered budget smartphones that cost around $25. Unfortunately they’ve not done so well and Mozilla know it, so they’ve revealed that they’re giving up on their budget smartphones in favour of a better experience for users.

Firefox OS is Mozilla’s light OS which they’ve been packing into budget handsets which work, in theory, but they’re just not getting any traction. In an email seen by CNET, Mozilla want to build devices which have a better experience, not just an appealing price. In the email chief executive Chris Beard reveals: “We have not seen sufficient traction for a $25 phone, and we will not pursue all parts of the program.”

It seems the focus will still be on Firefox OS, but it’ll be less on pushing out budget handsets and more on making the experience better for users. This new strategy is called Ignite according to CNET and will involve focusing on the development of Web apps, offline support and a more streamlined update process, as well as extending the Firefox OS out to more than just phones. Essentially Mozilla want to create a framework which can be built upon.

There’s also word that Android Apps could come to Firefox OS which Beard adding that the company will “explore” the idea of bringing Google Play to the OS, though its focus will still be on HTML5 Web apps.

Bringing Google Play to Firefox OS would certainly help bring more people to the relatively new platform, but it could overall effect what Mozilla want to achieve with Firefox OS which is a relatively lightweight web-connected OS.

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